Decided to sell your car?

Buying cars is our job.

We buy cars with defects and those crashed in accidents.

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Cars in dismantling

ROMUEXPERT company has been working in the field of car dismantling and sale of used parts since 2005, and so we’ve got vast experience in this business. We offer our customers a large selection of car parts for many popular brands like Audi, BMW, WV, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, etc.

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Any car may break down. Your car battery may get discharged. Your car doors may get locked out when your key is inside the car. A road accident may happen. We’ll charge your car battery. We’ll open your car doors.

We’ll tow your car. You might not have a towing rope or hook, but we’ll bring everything you need for towing.

We are ready to offer help 24/7.

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Our car parts

ROMUEXPERT offers used car parts that are still good enough to perform their functions over a long term.

The condition of the car parts is monitored by our staff both at car dismantling stage and during the pre-sales preparation stage.

Any sale of worn-out or clearly poor-quality components is excluded in our company, so if you buy any car parts from us directly in our centre or from our company’s online store, you can be sure of the quality and reliability of the products you get.

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